10 questions for defining your ideal customer profile

Defining your ideal customer profile (ICP) is one of the most crucial steps to take when starting your service business or launching a new project. ICP helps you to focus your marketing efforts and reach out to those who could benefit from your services and products the most. When you know exactly who you want to serve, it is easier to determine which services or products to offer and when to say no to a project. 

The internet and textbooks are full of templates for creating your ideal customer profile (a good one can be found on this blog by Minimalist Business). Unfortunately, their quality varies and it can be difficult to determine which ones are most useful for your business. In addition, many of them are superficial and don’t guide you through the details that could provide you new insights into your target market.

That is why I created this list of 10 questions to support and inspire your ICP defining process:

1.    What inspires your client?

2.    What does your client hate?

3.    How many resources (time, energy, money) does your client have?

4.    Who has the biggest impact on your client's decisions?

5.    What do you have in common with your client?

6.    How and where is your client most likely to hear about you?

7.    What kinds of assumptions does your client have about your services or products?

8.    What does your client know about his or her situation that leads him or her to come to you?

9.    What do you know about your client’s situation that (s)he doesn’t?

10.    What is the ideal end result of your relationship with the client?

What do you think of the questions? Did any new ideas pop into your head? Now, I know this is a long list and that the process of defining your ICP is time-consuming, but I warmly recommend going through it. It is easier to step into your customer's shoes when you are as detailed as possible.

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