Benefits of having a Coach while being a Coach

You might think that when you are a coach, you don't need to hire another coach to help you out. After all, you are very capable of leading yourself towards your goals. You know how to set them and how to achieve them, at least most of the time.

So how can a coach benefit from hiring a coach? In more ways than you could think of. I have had regular coaches myself ever since I started coaching others, because I want to continuously improve myself and in that way be a better coach for my clients. After all, if I didn't believe it makes sense to hire a coach, why would my clients? The benefits maintaining a coach have been even bigger than I could have imagined, and I believe I will continue to get more and more out of coaching. Here are some of the benefits I have observed so far:

Paradigm shifts

In my first session with my coach Joana, we discussed my life and my goal to become a professional coach. Before the session, I thought of my goals as well-defined; I knew more or less what I want to achieve. However, when I talked to Joana, I realized that my goal was still relatively vague and that I had focused only on building up my business. I wanted to get more freedom by having my own business, but I had not thought about what that kind of life would look like. If it weren't for her, I would probably still be in the same phase, continuing to wrap my whole life around my business instead of thinking about what I truly want. What a paradigm shift!


One of my reasons for hiring a coach was that I knew it would give me accountability. If I set deadlines for the important steps with someone, I knew it would be a lot more difficult for me to procrastinate. And it has worked like a charm! I feel terrible if I haven’t done the things I promised to do, so I have pushed myself further than what feels comfortable. I can only imagine how slowly I would have developed without coaching.


For me, one of the best parts of being a coach is seeing the progress my clients are making every step of the way. However, as a coachee, it is easy to forget where you started from while making progress. That’s where an encouraging coach can be a really powerful resource. He or she knows my starting point and how hard I have had to work to get where I am today. So when my coach says Well done and asks me to take one more step, I believe I can take that step and become even better.

New tools

Every coach has his or her own way of coaching, so as a coach it is very interesting to analyze how it is to be coached. What kinds of questions is my coach asking me? What kinds of exercises are we doing? Is she taking notes? How is the coach demonstrating his or her understanding and presence in the session? All these questions give me thoughts and ideas that I can implement in my own coaching. For example, an exercise called dream day that I use with many of my clients came directly from my own coaching. I did it myself with my coach, considered it useful and now I am doing it with almost all of my clients.

On the basis of all these benefits, I believe that being coached by others on a regular basis makes me a better coach for my clients. That is why I think it is an investment every coach should be making in themselves and in their clients, even when you can lead yourself independently and successfully.

Are you a coach that would like to be coached? I am happy to coaching services to you, and I also know some other coaches that can help you out if needed. The easiest way for us to get started is to book a free strategic session. You can easily do it by sending me a message with the title “I want a free strategy session with you.” I look forward to hearing from you!