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8 Steps to setting better goals for 2019

A new year is just behind the corner, so many of us are already thinking about how to improve our lives and businesses in 2019. Unfortunately, our good intentions to change our lives are usually forgotten by February and we go back to live and work as we did before. That is why I think its important to take enough time for setting meaningful goals and planning how you can effectively achieve them.

In order for making this easier for you, I want to share the goal setting process I use with my coaching clients. It consists of eight steps:

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10 Tips for setting successful goals

Goals play an important part in our happiness, wellbeing, motivation and performance. They push us forward and further than we could have even imagined of while helping us focus our thoughts to the desired activities.

Still, setting goals does not certainly mean we can achieve them. There can be many reasons for why we are not achieving our goals, but one of important ones is that we have not set them in a sustainable way. To make your goal setting process a bit easier, I listed these 10 points you should take into consideration when setting your next goal along with an example filled out in my goal setting template.

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3 Exercises for visualizing your long-term goals

Visualizing success is a commonly used method to improve performance both in sports and in business. Still, visualization can benefit everyone, who wish to achieve a certain goal. By creating a mental image of our desired future, it is easier for us to start believing in the possibility of achieving it. However, I know from my own experience that it can be challenging to get started with it and that is why I have listed here three different exercises for you to try out.

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