How does your dream day look like?

One-on-one online coaching is a great way to work together at the time and place you feel most comfortable. Coaching is extremely helpful especially then when you want to make a bigger change in your life or business or simply clarify the direction you want go next. Like in face-to-face coaching, during the online sessions we define the goal you want to work on during the coaching process and I will support you to take the first concrete steps toward it.

The topics of the sessions can be for example:

  • Evaluating your business or life as a whole 

  • Clarifying your long-term vision and milestones towards it

  • Discussing the value behind your objective and how to measure it

  • Discussing your values as a leader

  • Defining your ideal customers

  • Planning services and customer journey

  • Building processes and delegating tasks successfully

  • Overcoming fears and self-doubt

  • Communicating effectively with others

  • Building habits that support your progress

  • Creating a concrete action plan

Netta was a great support in the process of developing my business project. Thanks to her guidance I’m about to launch my website and start my own business!
— Carmen Lorenzana, Menstrual Educator and Coach


1 x 90 minutes = 139 € + VAT 24 %

4 x 60 minutes = 398 € + VAT 24 %

The amount of the sessions is agreed in the beginning of each process and the duration of each session is 60-90 minutes. I coach in both Finnish and English. It's also possible to have face-to-face coaching, depending on location and other special arrangements.

Before starting a longer process, I offer a free 45-minute discovery call, where we can get to know each other and define whether we are good fit for the process