Strategic communication, virtual collaboration and effective goal-setting are all close to my heart.

Online training and workshops offer a great way to learn more at the place you feel most comfortable. Currently, I offer online training in collaboration with other professionals and have facilitated From Dreams to Goals workshop face-to-face already several times with good feedback.

Here is a quick introduction to my current offering:

Unleash your virtual team power

Improve the virtual interaction of your team in meetings and in between them.

In this facilitated virtual workshop series you will:

- Learn to communicate strategically with your team members

- Get concrete tools and methods for utilizing team power in virtual meetings

- Create an action plan for unleashing your virtual team power

Each workshop is a combination of live virtual training and concrete exercises that enable you to develop your the whole team's interaction together. The personalized program includes three (3) virtual workshops.

From Dreams to goals workshops

Do you have a dream project or a business idea that you would like to make into a reality? Do you want to learn more about how to set effective and actionable goals? 

Welcome to my From Dreams to Goals coaching workshop, where I will help and guide you to:

  • Clarify your dreams with a visualization technique

  • Set effective and actionable goals on the basis of your dreams

  • Make the next concrete step towards them.

The workshops can also be offered online.