Your progress is my success

My mission is to help organisations to implement new ways of working so that everyone would be seen and understood no matter where they are located. My success is when team members work better together than alone and organisations are able to create a positive impact in the world.



coaching & training clients

I have had the privilege to coach and train over 70 professionals from different industries, occupations and nationalities. Each process has been different and I am grateful for each of theirs trust to share their journey with me.

As a person and a coach, Netta is very warm and easy to talk to. She has an enormous amount of knowledge as well in business as in coaching. I’m happy to recommend Netta’s coaching for anyone pondering important things in life and wanting to success. For me, it was one of the best choices I’ve made!
— Carita Lähdesmäki, Entrepreneur & Educator, Finland


Years of working in different communication roles

Throughout my career I have been worked in roles that have required great communication skills both in-person and remotely. That experience in different kinds of organisations together with my degrees in organisational communication has made me the specialist I am today.

With Netta’s support we were able to do a comprehensive plan for our communication activities and also agree on concrete steps for next 6 months. Netta was able to challenge us and provide us information of the newest practices in communication field.
— - Taina Mikkola


years of collaborating 100% remotely

Ever since I started my business, I have worked 100% remotely. Many of my clients I have never even met in “live” and I keep in touch with my network mostly through video calls since we all tend to live in different countries.